Masculinity Madness

For my case study I decide to analyze commercials created by two major companies, Miller and Dr. Pepper, and discuss how these commercials are influencing society in a negative manner; and  that causes a schism between males and females while enforcing gender differences by giving items a masculine or feminine quality.

Here are a few of the advertisements that I analyzed:

Dr. Pepper 10: It’s not for Women

Dr. Pepper part 2

Miller Lite: Man Up

It is obvious that these commercials seek to define what is masculine through the use of societal gender binary,and therefore at the same time defining what is feminine.

How much of  a role do you think these commercials play in reinforcing gender roles?

Do you notice any connections between these commercials (especially the Miller Lite commercial) and Spurr’s discussion on “Violence of the letter” and the power hierarchy of being able to define or re-categorize things.

What role does surveillance play in these commercials?

Lastly, I find a similar relationship between the Occident and the Orient, discussed by Said, and the relationship between males and females within the commercials, like defining ones own identity by defining what they are not or what “the other” is. I would appreciate any additional insight on your opinion on the dichotomy  of orientalism and sexism, or feedback on any other aspect that you feel may be of importance.

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