After analyzing the commercials, I realized that the Miller lite “Man Up” commercials depended heavily on the use of surveillance in order to get their point across. It begins with the female bartender who affronts him for not caring about the taste of his beer and then for wearing or having some article that is considered feminine. The fact that the bartender is a female and is casting judgment on a man for being unmanly helps show that this manliness is something that is not just understood by macho men but also females, which makes it more socially acceptable to do.  Even the victims friends judge and heckle his friend for using the “feminine”  product. It seems fairly obvious that these commercials is intended to help promote and continue social hierarchy based on masculinity and heterosexuality while bashing homosexuality, metrosexuality and gender diversity in general.

I believe that the use of the female bartender is vital in attempting to preserve social hierarchies and would like feedback on what your thoughts are on her role within the commercials or if you notice any other uses of surveillance.

Man Up: Purse or Carryall?

Man Up: Skinny Jeans

Man Up: Skirt

Man Up: Lower Back Tattoo

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