Cafe Group: Walker, Rob, Jenny, Fulya

Group: Walker, Rob, Jenny, Fulya

Scribe: Walker

As, the final days to the end of the semester count down, readings in class from Stam and Shohat about culture and multiculturalism, has put a good cap on the semesters theory. Eurocentrism and the posed eurocentrism with the texts in the class, really puts into spectrum or scope to what multiculturalism is.  Culture appears different and is portrayed different in places like Mr.Klein spoke of, the discussion on immigration policy in Canada, and even here at our campus, culture is tough to completely identify because of its complexity and case-to-case differences.

Discursive investigations into the nature of case-to-case studies will only help define these differences in the years to come. Although this class can be seen as eurocentric, the validity of its theory is still vastly important to finding specific scapes as a discursive multi-culturalist. Culture studies may not have started in Britain but Britains influence on culture studies has been vast. Even the world renowned, like Mr. Klein, had a tough time skewing away from eurocentrism. In retrospect the culmination of the class has made us more aware and discursive culture studies strudents as a result of the flow of the class.


Did Dr. Collins purposely format the class to contradict itself at the end?

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