Inked Identity

Tattoos, however, can also be seen as a narrative.  They are often a record book or a canvas for the individual. Every tattoo they have may relate to some aspect of their lives or they might signify a relationship.  An example would be friendship tattoos, individuals in this instance are memorializing a relationship on their bodies the same way someone might with a camera. Tattoos might also mark you an individual as part of a group or be a reflection of the internal self on the external.  The tattoo might even just be a way of connecting to an idolized celebrity.  There are many different reasons for getting a tattoo and meanings behind them, but all one has to do is look at them to read of piece of someone’s narrative.  These narratives can even be edited by simple tattooing over them or having the removed by a laser.  The FDA is currently in the process of reviewing a line of impermanent ink, which consists of microcapsules that will break apart easily after a couple laser pulses and will thus dissolve harmlessly. If this technology gets approved it’ll become easier to change ones narrative, and more people maybe willing to write their narrative on their skins, knowing it can be easily removed at a later date.

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