Questions about Occupy

When I first sat down to think about the Occupy Wall Street movement, the first things that came to my mind where about power, class structure, and civil society. I had a multitude of questions that began to arise from these topics in regard to Occupy Wall Street. On the topic of power, I was curious where the grassroots movement of Occupy gets their power and how the ruling 1% derives and uses their power in society? The issue of class structure was a logical next topic after power. In regard to class structure I began to ask questions like: What is the role of the state? How does the 1% interact with the state? What is the role of the 99% in the class system? What are the ramifications of the social stratification within the 99%? The role of civil society plays directly into the class and power structure of the system. The Occupy Wall Street movement is exercising its power through the forum of civil society. It is a social group that is coming together with a common interest outside of the realm of family, economics, and the state to discuss issues and spread their ideas. This brings to light the question of what is the goal and role of civil society? And, what are the effects of the cultural clash that is playing out in civil society? These are the questions that I set out thinking about during my preliminary research that dictated and shaped my research.

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