Cafe Discussion Post #1

We discussed question three from the discussion questions in class. The question pertained to aura and authenticity. It also dealt with deciding if this was a good or bad thing if it was to be lost. We all agreed that aura and authenticity go hand in hand. If a piece of art work was to become replicated it would lose its orginal aura as well as its authenticity. Even the most perfectly replicated piece of art work has zero authenticity. As we were talking we came up with a question: As our society becomes more technologically advanced is authenticity going to become more rare?

We answered this by saying that authenticity is going to become more rare as technological changes happen. We also agreed that aura and authenticity are a thing of the past. For example, masses of people could have access to a replication of a piece of art. However, they will never get to expirence the aura of its original piece. In relating this to a Marxist perspective, he would say its a good thing that people have the ability to replicate things. The appeal here is that it is in favor for the masses, which is exactly what a Marxist wants.

In relating this to our own lives, we related it to music. In electronic music the sounds that you want to hear are as close to authentic as possible though the nature of electronic music is not authentic. In music today, we are searching for authenticity. In real life if things start to deviate to far from the norm, it becomes very unfamiliar to them. People like things they know and are familiar with and things that are authentic to their own reality. That being said people like their own ideas of authenticity even if its not 100% authentic. People today still listen to music even if much of it sounds very familiar.

Scribe: Allie Dadoly

Tao Ameden

Louise Nielsen



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