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The book “The islamophobia Industry; how the far right manufactures fear of muslims” by Nathan Lean was recently published in 2013. In the forward of the book I have gathered information to back my thesis of my paper. Islamophobia IS an industry and it IS harming the muslim stereotype not only in the United States but Abroad as well. The poll statistics within America are shocking at the discrimination muslims face within their own country.

This book will help explain the multi million dollar industry behind the fears and rejection of muslims that often americans who identify white and christian instill and support. It will dive into the islamophobic industry not just in blogging and media, but in government, policy, educational institutions, and religious and corporate leaders.

Some chapters that I think will back up my research are chapter 2: A Web of Deception: Forming Hate Online, Chapter 3 : Media Mayhem Broadcasting Anti-Muslim Madness, Chapter 6: To Washington and Beyond: Islamophobia as Government Policey, and lastly Chapter 7: Across the Pond: The deadly Effects of Hate in Europe/ 


Lean, Nathan. The Islamophobia Industry; How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims 2012 Pluto Press London

Forward: John L. Esposito

  • First encounter in America- Iranian Revolution of 1978
  • Islam is second largest religion in the world, and third largest in the United States
  • Terrorist has fed growth of Islamophobia
  • “Islam and muslims have become guilty until proven innocent, a reversal of the classic American legal maxim.” X
  • Overwhelming statistics that American Muslims are not liked or welcomes by a large portion of America
  • “It exposes a multi-million-dollar cottage industry of fear mongers and the network of funders and organizations that support and perpetuate bigotry, xenophobia, and racism and produce a climate of fear that sustains a threatening social cancer.” xiii


  • In 2002, the annual report cant out that is released by the FBI and crimes against muslims increased 1600 percent, from 28 incidents in 2000 to 481 in 2002. Page 4
  • Daniel Pipes- grandfather of Islamophobia.
  • “Often one small group that spouts aniti- muslims hate speech grows over time and eventually spawns several spin-offs that function under the same or similar leadership.” Page 10
  • Groups include, Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE) and Stop Islamization of Nations (SION)
  • There is also a connect with Israel Palestine issue and that part of this industry is simply in favor of Israel. “It is little coincidence, then, that the characters who verbally bloody the noses of Muslims are the same ones who so ardently and fervently support Israel’s settlement policies.” Page 11
  • “More than nine years since that fateful morning, one that for many Americans, crystallized a suspected link between Islam and violence, unfavorable views of Islam are increasingly steady.” Page 38-39
  • “By infiltrating lower Manhattan, they claimed, muslims would use the mosque as a command center for terrorism and dispatch extremists all across the heartland of the United States, uprooting governments state by state until Sharia law replaced the Constitution.” Page 40
  • Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Robert spencer, Andrea Peysney

Robert Spencer, Islam Unveiled  “The fact that he had no background in Islamic studies or related fields did not matter to Encounter Books- his conservative political views aligned with the company’s reputation for promoting American exceptionalism and Judeo-Christian heritage…Many Americans were unfamiliar with the history, traditions, and language of Islam, and this was Spencer’s chance to reach them.” 59

Lean, Nathan, and John L. Esposito. The Islamophobia Industry: How the Right Manufactures Hatred of Muslims. Pluto Press, 2012.

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