Research Post-4

After discovering a video for Borough Market I wanted to see if there were any for popular Bangkok food markets. To my surprise, the same man created one for a food market in Bangkok! The video shows how drastically different the two food markets are. While Borough market boasts food from around the world, the one in Bangkok was the exact opposite. The video highlighted that the food cooked is only from other parts of Thailand.  I found this extremely interesting. Why were the foods in Bangkok centered around their own regions? Why are food stalls that are in Europe and the U.S. focused around food from around the world? Maybe the reason behind this major difference is because of the original purpose of the markets. In Bangkok, the reason why they had these types of markets was to provide daily food for the citizens to eat. However, the markets in Western Civilization are a privilege to attend. In the first video, the narrator listed the different prices for the food items in Borough market, and it showed how expensive one meal/day at the market can cost you a lot of money. It it clear after watching this video that we have commercialized food markets making it an activity or tourist event to attend in the West. While in Bangkok, people go to the markets to buy their groceries to create cheap meals.

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