Research Post-5

C. Clare Hinrichs attempts to explain the link between local versus global food systems. In her article, “Embeddedness and local food systems”, it explains the common problems associated with direct agricultural systems and systems that are shipped food. Hinrich says that the relationship between the consumer and producer is what creates the divides between the local and global system. For example, with the case of Borough market most of the food is shipped in because the market is in the heart of London and there are no farms located closely to London. In contrast, the food in Bangkok could arguably come from close farms whose main job is to outsource to this market. This could also lead to the economic divide between the two markets. Furthermore, if the market is solely focused on regional foods then the produce will in-return be fresh since it is coming from the surrounding area. I plan to include this journal article within my literature review so I can properly explain why my hypothesis is correct.

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