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In 2015, Nairobi News produced a special on their AM Live show called “The Anatomy of Sheng.” While the video switches between Sheng, Kiswahili, and English, the recaps of discussion are done in English. I found this video to be insightful because it differed from my scholarly sources in that the perspectives of individuals in Nairobi are heard. Within this special, the opinions addressed in the sources I found were supported; however, it was helpful to hear personal insights as to why Sheng is either a unifying language or “a corruptor of Swahili and English.” In addition, this video aids my research because I am familiar with English and Kiswahili, but I had trouble at times differentiating between Kiswahili and Sheng while in Nairobi. This video includes moments where the language being spoken is identified to the audience, allowing me to listen to only Sheng.

Hannah Markey

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