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How powerful really is advertising?

  • Advertisers using hidden symbols to goad the unconscious mind and the body under its control into the act of acquisition.

    Large-scale efforts,” he wrote, are

    being made, often with impressive success, to channel our unthinking habits, our purchasing decisions, and our thought processes…. The result is that many of us are being influenced and manipulated, far more than we realize, in the patterns of our everyday lives.

  • Instead of a single mass market that assembled, routinely and predictably, around a discrete set of information and entertainment sources>> society increasingly fragmented along lines of race, class, and sex.
  • “The strategies discouraged the creation of central media-meeting places where all sorts of people could congregate to sample each others’ views, news, and entertainment
  • There’s a more intriguing question hanging over all this breast-beating: Why has mass culture become an object of intellectual veneration?


Objectification of women in media/advertisements (United States)

A trend that is developing in entertainment media today is the objectification of women in society. Specifically in movies, music videos, music, and television, there is strong focus on women as sexual objects rather than women. This is detrimental to society because the media is creating social stereotypes for both men and women that can result in unhealthy social and physical habits.

  • Profitable
  • Entertaining
  •  Men and women are stuck trying to perfect their bodies exactly how the media presents the ‘ideal body,’ but at the expense of their physical health and mental state.
  • Our culture is accepting the media’s portrayal of dating, romance, and sex, so the negative effects will only continue and progress.
  • ^^These reasons suggest there is a strong impact made by the objectification of women within society.


  • American corporate culture, is a great example of how other cultures are being disappeared, as their multinational companies are not only promoting their products but also a “lifestyle”, and according to their campaigns people should be following it to become a part of modernization and to be as modern as they are. 
  • Due to the modern means of communication, the world has become a “global village”, as it has the capability to bring homogenous countries into one similar form. Even if it is ‘best’ or ‘worst’. What we think about world depends upon our television watching patterns, but somehow it brings about the impacts of modern imperialism.
  • Globalization is the impact of modern imperialism and one day it will diminish individualism and cultural identity of smaller nations. 
  •  Cultural imperialism is a worldwide recognized phenomenon and multinationals have their customers all around the world but they specifically target youth for their success

Look at United States versus Third World Countries  

  • Advertisements
  • Hegemony
  • Media
  • Western influence on these cultures
  • Globalization


  • Media is considered as a fourth pillar of the estate. It is also called the mirror and the voice of the society. Media is the most powerful tool on the earth which changes the mindset of the peoples and revamps the image of the world as well. In terms of its functions it has three main and the major functions which are comprised of to educate, to inform and to entertain. Being faster and the robust, it has gone failed to work according to its functions. (

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