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Case Study

Cultural Imperialism through Beverages Advertisements: A Case Study of Youth of Lahore

The study explores the effects of beverages advertisements on youth of Lahore. The main objective was to find out that how beverages ads are promoting western culture and its relationship with the youngsters. Survey was used as a method of data collection. The study targeted youngsters from different educational institutions of Lahore. The data were analyzed through SPSS and statistical tool such as Chi-square test was used for data analysis. The results indicate that youth get influenced by such beverages advertisements in which western culture is shown. The study concludes that most of the youth is attracted towards western advertisements and they consider that consuming such advertisements will make them more modern and civilized; hence they are more inclined towards it. Western media also uses such tactics to engage third world countries with their products which help them to gain more revenue

Due to the modern means of communication, the world has become a “global village”, as it has the capability to bring homogenous countries into one similar form. Even if it is ‘best’ or ‘worst’. What we think about world depends upon our television watching patterns, but somehow it brings about the impacts of modern imperialism. But to what extent it is successful, these factors are still needed to be explored. Globalization is the impact of modern imperialism and one day it will diminish individualism and cultural identity of smaller nations. “Thus, this research article is titled as “Cultural imperialism through western beverages advertisements and its impact on youth of Lahore, Pakistan.” Cultural imperialism is a worldwide recognized phenomenon and multinationals have their customers all around the world but they specifically target youth for their success. We can observe its impacts and consequences on our youth as well. Our youth has also started to follow the life style and beverages culture as shown by their advertisements in order to show themselves as modernized and civilized. In this study we have figured out either these strategies are leading us to a bright future or fading our identity as a “nation”. This study has particularly focused on to what extent they have succeeded in altering the attitudes, beliefs and life style of our youth.

Research questions

1. Is cultural imperialism just another product of globalization?

2. How western media became successful in proving themselves modernized and civilized?

3. What kinds of impact such advertisement have on the youth?

4. Are youth inclined towards modernism, or it’s just these kinds of advertisements which are compelling them towards such life style?

5. If beverages are promoting western culture, why are we so much obsessed with western culture?


Why Pakistan?

“Pakistan comes on the list of those countries which are continuously being affected by cultural imperialism, not just because of high viewership but because our very own television and cable channels are also promoting multinational brands and corporations. The most important reason is the ‘lack of research’ in this field. In this study we have tried to find out the main impacts of such advertisements, and why are they becoming a threat to our domestic life style, cultural identity and our nation. We have particularly focused on youth, as they are more inclined towards change and always ready to adopt modernization.”


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