Research Post #3 – McKenzie Deno

I will be looking at the aspect of arranged marriage that the parents play in it slightly.Most if not all ideas or understandings of arranged marriages is that these two people are being forced into it, or that a much older man is marrying a much younger female. These ideas create a negative stigma around it. Images like the one below create the feeling of forced marriage.

Another aspect that people confuse is that arranged marriage means they two parties haven’t met each other before hand, which is not true. Often times they do met each other. Most ideas of arranged marriages come from cultural differences. Primarily I will focus on India as the man case study for arranged marriages and the customs practiced in that country, however I may look at one book that is ODY titled: Love Match and Arranged Marriage – Tokoy v. Detriot by Robert O. Blood.  While this book does not have focus in or with India it may help with some of the cultural understanding around them, or at least the American understanding.

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