Cafe Discussion 6

Monica, Kiki, and I talked about the Jorge Klor De Alva article, titled The Postcolonization of the (Latin) American Experience: A Reconsideration of “Colonialism,” ”Postcolonialism,” and “Mestizaje”. We had a lot of difficulty unpacking this article because of our lack of familiarity with colonization in Latin America.  During our discussion we looked at the effects of colonization on the countries of Latin America. We focused on the differences between British colonization versus Spanish and Portuguese colonization. We looked at how the spread of Christianity was extremely prevalent to Spanish colonization. We also discussed how both groups were looking to expand their territory, through conquering and taking in colonies. This was important to both groups, however the British were looking more for resources because of the industrial revolution. The final thing we talked about was the social stratification based on your heritage. We discussed how the social stratification was created based on an individuals’ lineage being from Spanish colonizers, the native population, or a being some combination of the two. We were surprised about how the continuation of this practice is still going on, because their might have been some mixture of the two centuries ago that people might not know about. Also, at this point how do you identify something like this, because we thought that this stratification is not visual. The final component of this that surprised us was how many stratifications there are. With only two groups (native and colonizers) it is shocking that their can be several different strata.

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