Underverden/Darkland 2017 (6)

Initial reflections after the first viewing of the film

  • Underverden is a movie about a doctor whose brother dies because of his involvement with criminal activities and gang affiliations. It portrays the difference in treatment of cases relating to Muslim citizens and the dominant citizen. Because of the idleness of the police regarding the shooting of his brother the audience is taken on a ride into the criminal “underworld” which is the direct translation of the title of the movie. He gets justice, but ends up in prison himself.
  • The character of his wife represents the ignorance of the dominant Danish citizen. She believes in the justice system and defends the police when it is clear from his experiences and conversations with the police that they do not care. He hides everything from his wife since she simply does not comprehend that the “underworld” is not a place one end up in only because of individual bad choices, but because of ethnic/religious discrimination in the job market and society in general, lack of educational resources for lower class children, and the obligation to provide for ones family.
  • What is special about this movie is that it is one of the first movies depicting the struggles that being a Muslim citizen can entail and that it is produced by an Iranian refugee whose parents settled in Denmark. The dominant Danish citizen know very little about the gang environment and how it functions besides the shootings that are often reported on the news and usually it is specified when an immigrant is involved. In the movie it is depicted that the recruitment for gangs starts young and targets unemployed, uneducated boys that often have little opportunity for even getting a low wage job.
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