Cafe Discussion Post #5

Homi Bhabba- Location of Culture

We discussed the article The Location of Culture by Homi Bhabba. In this article he discusses culture, and how it alters when it is brought outside of its original location. Culture originally stems from geographical locations. Louise initially brought up the point that culture is located within people, and people give culture meaning. She gave the example of Pakistani culture originated from Pakistan, but when people of that culture migrate to the United States, they bring their culture with them. Pakistani culture exists in the United States because it was brought by people who keep it alive and actively practice its traditions. This then creates diaspora communities. Once culture is brought to another location, it has to be reinscribed to have meaning. Allie brought up a similar point, that culture is not determined by space, and through liminal space, cultural hybridity can be developed. Cultural hybridity can lead to some instances of conflict, because hegemonic cultures often take more control, and then important aspects of the subordinate culture is lost. Culture evolves where ever it travels, and will encounter previous hegemonic cultures that were initially in place. When cultures travel far outside of their initial home, it could lead to the dulling of their practices, if it is placed in too large of a melting pot of cultures.

Allie Dadoly, Tao Ameden, Louise Nielsen


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