How Americas Public Schools Keep Kids In Property

My research topic for this semester has been the continuous segregation of minority (colored) kids in public schools in America. In specific comparing and contrasting New York City public school districts with that of my own experience in New Haven, CT. As an immigrant, and woman of color I find that I have been granted privileges because of my color skin and have had a similar experience as that of Kandice in the video.

Just like her, I commuted a long period of time to my private school where I was the only latina immigrant in a class of 114 girls. The majority were white and of a high financial background. Meanwhile, the rest of my latino community remained in New Haven, going to the poor school district to which my home address had been assigned to. What Kandice talks about, this opportunity gap that is created through the segregation of kids in early education through college is one of the initial reasons as to why I decided to look into segregation of education in America.

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