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This map, produced by BBC News in 2008, depicts the ethnic groups present in Kenya. During British colonial rule, the territory of modern Kenya was not determined with ethnic groups in mind, leaving the country with a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. As the statistics show, the Kikuyu and Luo groups are dominant in the country. As a result, two of Kenya’s presidents have been Kikuyu and one was Luo, as citizens largely voted for representatives from their own ethnic group. The continued identification of Kenyan citizens with their ethnic group over the country has led to violence and division during election season. As a result, some scholars have supported Sheng due to its potential to ¬†reduce these divisions. As the most recent election in October demonstrated, this conflict is ongoing. However, with a more collective Kenyan identity forming amongst the younger generation, supported by Sheng, current tensions in Kenya have the potential to decline as this generation becomes the majority.


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