A Cultural Movement – Molo, MUF10, Fenar Ahmad, Ali Sufi (10)

“Bølgen” by MOLO

”Molo It’s the wave: You can follow it or you will drown” – from Bølgen by Molotov Movement (Gilli, Benny Jams, and MellemFingaMuzik)


Fashion style of Muf10

A fusion of scandinavian minimalism, high fashion, and hip hop


Movie “Ækte Varer” directed by Fenar Ahmad

–> focus on language

–> subject of agency; writing of own story

–> interviews about the use of language and the movie in (4)

From (3): This is a movie about the rap collective Molotov Movement. The actors in the movie are actually playing themselves and they were casted by an up coming film producer who wanted to show their story at a time where they still themselves were up coming in the music scene. It depicts their way to fame and what is interesting about their come up is that with them came the birth of a new genre. They are currently in their prime time of their carrier and this movie received considerable attention in the Danish movie scene.

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