Lyrics reflecting Creolization through Counter-Narrative + interviews (7)

D.A.U.D.A – Sivas (feat. Gilli)

The first one. Use in intro

–> interview on dr2 with Gilli and Sivas about language

–> how video came about with Fenar Ahmad’s movie


Music Video for “Vi En” by A’typisk

In the music video for “Vi En” (We One) by A’typisk it starts out by showing frames of all different kinds of Danish people. Children as grown-ups, the guy from the hot dog stand (who in Denmark is seen as a true man of the people), and people playing games together. The lyrics of the chorus goes: “Vi’ mange, vi’ en/Vi’ et blod i et sind” meaning “We’ many, we’ one/We’ one blood, we’ one mind” so this song is about belonging to the same people. However, it is also about appreciating his loyalty of the brotherhood (gang) he belongs to. A’typisk ends the last verse with stressing that it is not a gang though by saying: “Det ikke en bande, så fat det/Det et brødreskab til det sidste” meaning “It’s not a gang, get it straight/It’s a brotherhood to the end.” This emphasizes how gangs can provide a sense of belonging for people excluded from society.


“Habibi Aiwa” by Gilli

positionality of Gilli –> him winning DMA

The Danish Eminem

Western/non-western: still opposing system





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