Lyrics/Videos Reflecting Global/Local Positionality (9)

Music video for “Bomaye” by Sleiman ft. Livid and MellemFingaMuzik

This video could be useful in describing the global flows of culture. The music is by Danish rappers, but the video is set in a completely different country yet it is telling the story of how they all were dropped by “the system” and was taken in by “the streets” from an early age.

Sleiman’s background –> former gang member


Musicvideo for “Bølgen” by MOLO

Barcelona is a common tourist destination for young Danes. For some reason Barcelona has gotten a reputation of being the new Amsterdam and is known for its night life and with that comes drugs. Or perhaps it was the other way around like with Amsterdam. Anyhow, it is also seen as an exotic city which is stressed in the video by the warmer colors. The music video is mainly shot in small streets at night which suggests a link between the underground they are coming from in Denmark and in the streets of Barcelona. In that sense it relates to the urban global underground of criminal activity.






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