Café Group Discussion: Avtar Brah

We discussed the article “Cartographies of Diaspora” by Avtar Brah. First, we talked about what it can be like to be an immigrant and Allie brought up the topic of how immigration is related to the history of the U.S. Then we talked about different kinds of diaspora within the U.S. such as European descendants, particularly the Irish, the African diaspora and the Hispanic diaspora, and  how considering groups through the concept of diaspora provides a whole other way of visualizing the movement of migration. We also discussed how come there is not that much of an American diaspora in the rest of the world. Tao talked about how picture you get from being able to consider both where people come from and where they have settled emphasizes how transnationally mixed the world is and always has been. Louise talked about how it is a great tool for understanding diaspora identities – being rooted in one place, but simultaneously belonging to a more global community can be confusing if identity is grounded in ethnicity.

Tao Ameden, Alexandra Dadoly, and Louise Nielsen

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