Research Post 10

Relating to the Judith Butler article, it made me consider my positionality on this research topic. I initially become interested in this topic because I have many family members who live in Louisiana, and close to New Orleans. I have seen many pictures and heard many stories of extended family member attending Mardi Gras. I found it most interesting how their pictures had developed and changed over the years, and how their experiences contrasted my friends who currently attend Tulane University. I was curious to explore this historical transformation further in another cultures traditions. Carnival has some similar traditions and visual appearances as Mardi Gras. I found this interesting because I came across the blog attached at the bottom, written by a college student who had attended Mardi Gras and Carnival, and saw many similarities in the way tourists were perceiving the festival. This relates to my research because it shows that festivals like Carnival and Mardi Gras have developed over time and are being altered by tourists into party scenes. Through my families stories and research on this topic, I was able to see the same similarities developing in these festivals new traditions.

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