Cafe Discussion Group Final Post

Scribe: Allie

Louise, Tao, Allie

In our last meeting we discussed the concept of media hegemony. We talked about how it can relate to all different types of things.

  • Gender norms
  • Steorytypes
  • How people want you to act
  • Countries ideologies

We also talked about how one country could be considered a hegemony. We all agreed that the United States was a hegemonic power. This is because of the way that it influences other cultures. Their ideologies are seen across all different types of cultures world wide. The United States perpetuates these ideologies through structures like mass media and education. Through the use of these structures other countries consent to these ideas subliminally and they become engrained as part of the norm.

We also discussed the idea of counter hegemony. This term comes to play because people do not agree with the original hegemonic ideals that have been set. (Think gender and race)

U.S. cultural hegemony depends in part on how well media, government, and other dominant institutions popularize beliefs and organize practices that promote individualism and consumerism. Corporate dominance and market values reign only through the consent of the majority, which, for the time being – finds material, political, and cultural benefit from existing social relations. As deep social contradictions undermine brittle hegemonic relations, the subordinate majority – including blacks, women, and workers will seek a new cultural hegemony that overcomes race, gender, and class inequality. (

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