Research Post 10


Advertisements have become a tool used to bolster different hegemonic ideologies and due to the rise of globalization, values and norms that are distinct in one culture are now prevalent in other cultures across the world.


Although the Marx, Gramsci, and Hall provided their theories before the start of the second century, they are very much relevant to the way in which advertisements perpetuate cultural norms and values. Within society today, Western countries are seen as a hegemonic force. These countries place specific values on a pedestal for people to follow. Gender norms for both men and women are an example of hegemonic values that have been highlighted in advertisements in subtle ways across the world. However, even though Chinese advertisements have been infiltrated by American norms, the ads still depict traditional cultural elements. Even though hegemony plays a big role in shaping the facets of a culture, some elements cannot be redefined. Advertisements in both countries also prove that a higher class is persuading the way people think. Within modern day society we must question what we are really seeing in media and within advertisements. We must not subject ourselves to particular stereotypes about how people are to act and behave. Society should no longer consent to everything they see without questioning it first.  It is quite clear that advertisements are used as a tool for highlighting different hegemonic ideologies among cultures. It is also evident that globalization has caused the overlap of generic cultural norms across the world. Therefore, to maintain the authenticity of different cultures and to ensure equality among everyone, one must not be submissive to ideals presented within the media; one must not conform and subject themselves to ideals that a “ruling class” wants us to follow. When one begins the fight the pressures expected of society, a culture of originality begins.



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