Choosing a School for My Daughter in A Segregated City Nikole Hannah Jones NYT


“The New York City public-school system is 41 percent Latino, 27 percent black and 16 percent Asian. Three-quarters of all students are low-income. In 2014, the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, released a report showing that New York City public schools are among the most segregated in the country. Black and Latino children here have become increasingly isolated, with 85 percent of black students and 75 percent of Latino students attending “intensely” segregated schools — schools that are less than 10 percent white.”

This is a paragraph that caught my attention in the reading because it outlined NYC as the most segregated in the country. One wouldn’t think that the capital od the world, as it has been named before, the place with the head quarters of the US as being the most segregated in the country yet it is. This only shows to proof that many cities across the nation follow through in practicing the same segregation ideals of education as the City that never sleeps.

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