Klor de Alva Postcolonization of the Latin American Experience:

Adam and I discussed the ideas behind Klor de Alvas arguments in Postcolonization of the Latin American Experience: A Reconsideration of Colonialism, Postcolonialism and Mestizaje. There was a bit of bias and I guess first witness knowledge from my part that agree wholeheartedly with Klors arguments on colonialism or in this case post colonialism and how it deferred very much away from the regular description.


As a Latina woman born and raised in Peru up until the age of nine I was introduced in a world that very much had been enriched by the culture of the Spaniards intermixed with that of the Incas. Adam’s brother, Jake had lived in Peru for about six months and he too had witnessed this integration of European culture within the society. From the cathedrals, the language, food and some of its holidays reminded him a lot of his time in Europe. When hearing so, I was reminded of my time in Europe and in specific Spain where a lot of the shops, houses, and cathedrals looked exactly like the ones back at home. I felt as if I was in an expensive Peru.

What Klor is saying is that colonization was different for south America, out of it were born the criollos, mestizos and mulatos (although no longer used as a proper term). Instead of colonization being carried out as its usual self of cleaning th country out f its natural resources and economical opportunities it decided to stay and imprint its mark on the society and culture.

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