Positionality Post 10

I went to a private elementary school that cost $14,000 a year, and kept rising each year after.

I then went to a private, preparatory all girls high school that started at $21000 and kept rising each year after.

I am now in a private liberal arts University that cost $68000 a year and continues to rise.

I have received full academic rides for almost all of them and have never paid more than 5% of the cost.

Yet my cousins and friends, and all the kids I grew up with in my neighborhood went to public school. Out of the kids in my age group only two have managed to make it to college, only one of them is in a private college while the other one goes to state school. They both can only be there because they are some of the best athletes in each one’s perspective competitive sports. They got sports scholarships not academic. However they are both struggling with their academics and finding it hard to find a balance, we are all in our third year of college.

I like Kandice of the video I posted above was placed in a desegregation program that allowed me to get out of the future that was set up for me had I stayed with the kids in my neighborhood. This unfairness, the fact that I had to go and get a private education if i wanted to have a more successful future. I place myself in the position of a white latina that because of my whiter skin I was invited to represent diversity in my school where I met donors that would for the next twelve years fund my education. I was not the smartest in my class or the nicest yet I was still given a greater opportunity.

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