Race to $100 Post 8


One of the reasons I began to get interested in education and the disparaties that occur within the system was because of videos such as these. If you watch it you will see a white, middle aged man, telling a group of older teens to race for a $100. The catch however is that they must move two steps forward if the statements he makes applies to them, if not they stay where they are. The first statement is take two step forwards if your parents are still married? If you grew up with a father figure? If you had access to a private education? and so on.

The majority of white kids continue on moving forward while the rest of the colored students remain in the back. He later asks the kids to stop and turn around and look who is behind. They are all in the race for the $100 but have a disadvantage because they have not had the same opportunity as the rest of the kids. The reality he tries to prove is that, regardless of where they stand in the race they still have to go through with it because life is not fair and once people realize their privilege and start using it for good they will make a change in the world.


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