South Africa has one of the world’s worst education systems

South Africa has one of the world’s worst education systems

In an article printed by The Economist they make a very bold remark regarding the education of South Africa, calling it “Bottom of the Class.” The article is filled with many research numbers out lining the discrepancies found within education in the country. Some are the following numbers found:

  • Only 37% of children starting school go on to pass the matriculation exam
    • out of those 37% only 4% earn a degree
  • 27% of pupil who attended school for six years cannot read
  • Out of 57 countries tested in the International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) it dame near the bottom of its various rankings
    • This is show in a chat presented below where South Africa had over 60% of students with test scores below 400 in a 500 average graph
  • The discrepancies in test scores among the top 20% school and the rest is larger than in almost every single other country
    • For every 200 black students only one does an engineering degree
    • for every 200 white students 10 get an engineering degree

The reason behind this post is that segregation caused by Apartheid in South Africa caused for the segregation system of their education causing black pupils to suffer even more than the res of the country. During Apartheid, schools were divided into white and colored. The white schools held facilities, professors, and instruments far better than in the colored school. There was this idea of the colored man as a servant and production maker, but not as an equal. that is why the teaching of math and sciences was not included in their education during this period of Apartheid. Which is a mistake that still follows them in current times.

The Economist TIMSS Scores

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