U.S. Schools Still Segregated


U.S. Schools Still Segregated

The reason I picked this as a means to use in my blog post is because AJ+ often appears in facebook video feed. That is actually where I found it. This video brings forth a couple of very important points regarding my research topic:

  • 1954 Separate facilities unequal although said to be equal
  • Research proves low income attending student that go to middle income schools will excel
  • 1988 was the highest point of racial integration yet fell
  • Black students in white majority schools where higher in 1988 with a 43.5% yet in 2011 that number fell to 23.2% equal to that of 1968. It showed a rewind in progress.
  • Apartheid schools are described as such because they have less than 1% of white students have tripled since 1988 when there were 2762 schools to 2015 when there are 6727.
  • Teachers are less experienced, and given less of the needed materials.
  • Black Students by the time they hit 8th grade are more than often behind by three years in their math and sciences.

These points are essential to my research because they function as proof that the segregation in American school is high when it should not be. As a superpower in the world community we should lead by example. Yet we have failed to live up to that potential.


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