The NY Times & Good Hair
The York Times Review of the movie Good Hair directed by Chris Rock highlights some of the important issues about Black hair that made the movies debut not only expository of Black hair practices, but of the multi-million dollar industry surrounding the total regime of hair care, specifically black hair care. Rock’s movie conjured up a lot of reactions from women everywhere, who were shocked by some of the lengths women go in order to achieve styles of standardized beauty. Women often overlook the economic, timely, and confining practices of hair care. This article brings us closer to analyzing the discourse surrounding black hair. Through analyzing the common themes that arise within black hair, we can understand the language and communication surrounding black hair, its socio-historical context, and ideological work within society. My goals include challenging this current discourse, in order to reshape the ideologies that it is currently producing. It is within this discourse, as Gramscian theorist Stuart Hall suggests, that the central arena of social and political struggle lies. By manipulating the discourse surrounding an object, we can alleviate this struggle. I hope to learn more about the implicit struggles surrounding black hair.
Here is the movie Good Hair:

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