Social media as a platform for empowerment (and disempowerment)

“Remove the kinks from your mind, not your hair.” – Marcus Garvey

After deciding that my case study will be on the natural hair movement I have been outlining and thinking of the examples I want to use to support my assertions. One aspect of the case study I want to focus on is the role the media plays in empowering and disempowering these black men, women and girls. In this blog post I will post links to articles that explain this phenomenon and links to popular hair websites and videos that provide information on caring for black hair and what it means in today’s society.

In this portion of the case study, I plan to use Appadurai’s technoscapes to explain the cultural aspect of globalization and the social change this movement is creating.

Here is a great video explaining ┬áthe movement: “Are Afros A Politcal Statement Or Simply A Hairstyle?” (Video)

Articles : Natural Or Relaxed, For Black Woman, Hair Is Not A Settled Matter

‘Going Natural’ Requires lots of help

Popular Natural hair websites:

I myself have benefited greatly from these resources and I will end this post with two pictures of my ‘fro before shaving it this year! Stay tuned for more post as I make the connection with this case study, its impact on black culture and how it is connected to theories.


Asana Hamidu

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