Hashtags and Raymond Williams

When thinking about which theorists to use for my topic I was immediately drawn to Raymond Williams.  His concept of the emergent culture fits perfectly to the whole idea behind the #Hashtag.  Simply the fact that the emergent culture is seen to be a new dominant group of technology where people are able to communicate with one another is almost exactly what the # does.  It links people, concepts and images in order to continuously make our world smaller.

We talked last class about how global studies does not take into account boarders, states, or divisions in land or water crossings.  This idea is one that hashtag speaks directly to based on the fact that you can click on a post and see all different cultures all over the world and link them to yours.

Williams notes how hegemony is largely successful at being able to maintain itself through attack.  In the case of hashtags, it may be easier for someone to give into this dominant culture simply because it will be more obvious to see what the dominant is. What the western world wears and how they act may be a down fall to the ideology behind a hashtag.  Therefore in this paper I plan to use Raymond Williams’s as one of my main theorists to see if the concept of the hashtag has done more harm than good.

First I think I will start with explaining how it is an emergent culture.  The symbol itself produces a meaning on its own.  Therefore I can possibly talk about the aura around the symbol itself and how it no longer means the number sign but instead means so much more than that.

I also may use Gramsci to see if the hashtag was simply brought about by the dominant cutulure because they are the ones with the power to create the spread it to the extent of what it means today?  Also, is it helping the dominant to spread their culture?  Or is the hashtag spreading ideas of the rest of the world to make those in the hegemonic bloc realize that their is more.

Thinking again back to Williams, I want to use the emergent culture to show how this is a new social practice of the youth but has grown to be used by companies all over the world as a major networking technique.  This symbol has brought about not only the globalization of culture, but also the globalization of ideas and new meanings to how a symbol can produce so much more than one might think.

Main Ideas for this blog post to keep in mind for paper:

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– Grace Williams

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