Life without a News Feed?

Does anyone remember a life without the Facebook News Feed? I know I do not. For me the Facebook News Feed provides me with the exact tools I need to ‘stalk’ any of my ‘friends’, see the newest news stories and check out what is trending. But what why was the News Feed created, and what were the reproductions of creating it? In my presentation and paper I am seeking to analyze this cultural phenomena–The Facebook News Feed and the Privacy Issues that go along with it.

Thus far I have been focusing on researching the history of the News Feed. I was surprised to find that it was not a gradual change; as most users actually really did not like the change. (There was even a Facebook Group created called “Students Against Facebook News Feeds”.) Woah! Mark Zuckerberg is one sneaky, and some would say smart, guy because he found ways to appeal and please his users.

I am still in the researching phase but have a few theorists that I am considering as I continue with my research. Let me know if you have any comments about my topic (or remember Facebook before the Newsfeed) or any suggestions on theorists!

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