Selfies in the News

When I was doing some writing, I came across a news story that broke today. Apparently, President Obama took a selfie with two other world leaders at the memorial for Nelson Mandela. Quickly, criticism started calling it inappropriate given the place. Others celebrated that our world leaders are “just like us,” and that they take selfies.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.24.11 PM

I can only imagine this picture going up on instagram with the caption: ” #mandela #memorial #selfie #lol ”

I believe this shows just how widespread selfies are. Many new trends tend to infiltrate one generation or group. Although mentalities and sayings like YOLO and video-capturing apps like Vine are popular, they are dominated by young people. However, selfies seem to be acceptable for any age, gender, socio-economic group (even though Obama’s selfie may have been inappropriate for the place).

This sounds like William’s idea of dominant culture. Since dominant is not static, and in turn attempts to incorporate new forms of culture in order to stay dominant, selfies have been accepted by society in order to prevent these social media interactions from deviating from the dominant. Selfies were part of an emergent culture, but have now become household and normalized that even the President takes them in his down time.

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