tattoos in the work place: “no longer the kiss of death”

After my presentation, I began to reflect on peer feedback, specifically social scenes where tattoos have been deemed very unaccepted. Some are situational, and there is some wiggle room. But in general, I can’t say I’m that surprised. But it does seem to contradict the notion that tattooing has become a socially acceptable and common practice.

“At one point in time tattoos and piercings were not listed in employee handbooks. Now because of the major increase tattoos have been implemented. When the trend began the policies were along the lines of no tattoos. Others gave some flexibility and said nothing visible. Back then these companies were few and far between. Now tattoos and piercings have grown on some companies. Others have limitations, while the minority still says no.”

Forbes published an interesting article which argues that it might not be as common for tattooed employees to be discriminated against in the work place as it used to be:

“According to Bank of America Spokeswoman Ferris Morrison, Bank of America has no written rules or restrictions when it comes to inked corporate employees.  ‘We have no formal policy about tattoos because we value our differences and recognize that diversity and inclusion are good for our business and make our company stronger,’ she said.”


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