Final Post from Cafe Group (Beau, Andrew, Grace, Natalie, and Anna)


The wolf pack minus Beau

So, it’s the holiday season, what does this mean for us at St. Lawrence? Free cider at the bookstore, formal season, finals, negative degree weather, and puffy jackets. It also means gift-giving and receiving, as act of consuming is heightened during this time of the year.

With formal season and ugly sweater/ dress parties, the thrift stores around Canton have been flooded with students seeking to find an old, ugly sweaters. In our culture ugly sweater parties are the new emergent, social practice. As we go thrift shopping, we glorify the practice. The way consumers use the product gives meaning to it, and cultural identity (thanks Raymond Williams).


This semester has taught us a lot about the critical nature of theory and how it can be applied to our lives through the analysis of the texts, forms, institutions, and practices that sustain the dominant culture.


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