Aura of hashtags

Walter Benjamin talks about arua in a way that I decided could be used for the symbol of the #.  It went from being the pound key to the number sign and now to the hashtag.  It has had different lives in which each one contained a different identity then the last.  Now it is a symbol that is used to direct people and ideas in order to possibly create a mass movement based on #.

When I looked into how the hashtag has gotten groups together I was directly struck but the Occupation of Wallstreet.  This movement was turned into #OccupyWallStreet and gained a massive number of followers.  This became a global phenomenon that many knew about.  This is also interesting because one of my friends goes to school in New York City and said it was insane the amount of people who were on Wallstreet protesting for something they knew nothing about.  Once a saying becomes a global trend, people begin to get involved with it just because they feel like they could possibly be making a difference for something many people support so they should too?

Trending hashtags can lead to changes in a society, but they can also lead to people again following the dominant ideology.  Even though Occupy Wall Street was trying to stick it to the upper class, it also showed the power of conformity that occurs through using this symbol #.  It brings people together even if they don’t know why.  This is why the dominant culture is able to re-produce themselves so easily.  People buy or live like others in society in order to fit in.  They don’t ask questions because thats the way it is.

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