Too much of a strech?

In my presentation on Wednesday, I mentioned that I was thinking about using Roland Barthe and his idea of Mythologies. The way I was thinking about using Barthe Myth is by prosing that your Facebook profile is you. Explained more broadly, when creating your profile, specific to you, you are creating a representation of you and by doing so you are emptying out all the past history of yourself and exposing your identity through the Facebook profile. Regardless of your privacy settings who ever you are friends with you can see the profile and all that goes a long with it (pictures, posts etc.), however if they did not know you before hand then they would not be able to see the literal history that goes a long with you.

Secondly, I am proposing to use Lous Althusser and his idea of interpellation. This idea would capture that YOU (your Facebook profile) is a subject. For example: on my FB profile I have that my name is Megan McGregor and that I study and St. Lawrence University. Those two identifications are interpellating me, or making me into a subject. Both literally and figuratively I am a subject. By advertising that I am a student studying at St. Lawrence University I am subjecting my self as a student–therefore as a student you are submissive to the teacher. (That is the role of a traditional student).

I have more theorists up my sleeve–but I just wanted to see if there were any objections to those ones that I have chosen thus far.

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