Final Post on Hashtags

In my final post on hashtag I wanted to talk about what I concluded from all of my research.  I have realized that hashtags and social media are not actually what we thought they were.  They are mostly a complete disappointment to the sharing of ethnicities  and the promotion of individuality.  These hashtags are used by businesses and mass marketers to find where the trends are and make money off of them.  The world is conforming to one ideology.  It is that of the dominant class.  And the sad part is that 40% of hashtags come from America.  Commercials and businesses that use hashtags are usually from America.  American companies and citizens are pushing their culture on to others around the world saying look this is how we live don’t you wish you could! In the end it is not only Americanizing the world, but it is doing so through corporations and branding.  The worst part is no one is stoping to question it!

The theorists were right in saying that we are all interpellated into society.  We all follow the trends and the ways of the dominant.  The only people who don’t are outcasts or not what everyone else deems normal.  During this case study I wanted to think that hashtags can help the youth culture to understand the world and therefore making it a smaller less intimidating place.  Making it a world that they would want to travel.  Instead they are consumed with advertisements and the way they are “supposed” to look when they are younger.  I was pretty bummed about it and have a whole new look on society as a whole.

#AllDone! #Thanksforreading

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