How has Facebook evolved?

The idea of Facebook has altered a lot from when it was ofiginally created. The News Feed has brought about the most of changes and will continue to be the biggest factor of change. However, tied along to this change is the acceptance of change. Unlike when the News Feed was first presented, users really enjoy Facebook for what it brings to peoples lives. The ever-evolving News Feed is what people want to read when they first log onto Facebook. And it is for this that Facebook will not ever stop.

My potential thesis is this: the debate is ongoing however the result is evident; Facebook stands by its mission that aims “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” ( and this can only be done by maintaining the ‘strict’ security settings that are currently in place.

So far, most of my information has come from Danah Boyd, who has helped with the information concerning the history, and background of the implementation of the News Feed.

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