Done and Over

Now that I have handed in my theories paper it is safe to reveal what I wrote about. One of the aspects that I have not talked about is how globalized Facebook has become. There are over 213 countries that use Facebook and on top of that there are over 1.15 billion monthly active users. What is scary is that this statistic does not account for amount of times some one logs onto Facebook per a day. I know for me, I check FB between 1-4 times a day. Once before I start homework, and again throughout the day. My statistics do not compare with some people who long onto Facebook over 50 times a day.

Secondly, Facebook has become globalized in the sense that I am Facebook friends with people from around the world. Some of my worldly friends include, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Germany, Australia, Kenya, Nepal etc. This also shows that even in developing countries there is an access to Facebook. This embodies Antoio Gramscis theory of cultural hegemony.

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