How to Add an Image to a WordPress Post

Now that you have decided to start writing a blog, it is time to learn how to add an image to a WordPress post. Having images not only makes your blog visually more appealing, but also boosts the number of viewers per post. Think about it, visual tools aid to the overall understanding of a matter and are the easiest way for you to grab a reader’s attention. Whether you are presenting a tutorial, like the one bellow,  or showcasing your products and services,  being able to visually address your key points will make your blog even more engaging.

Original images generally work best in posts where personal experience, products and services are being discussed. However, if you are looking for more generic, royalty- free images, your best go to are stock photo websites. Shutterstock, Bigstock and Adobe Stock are some of the websites where you can find images on  any topic imaginable.

So here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to add an image to a WordPress Post!

Step 1: Decide where in the post you want to add an image, then click on ‘ADD MEDIA’ as shown bellow.


Step 2: Next, click on ‘upload files’ and select the image you would like to upload from your computer.

You can simply drop it anywhere inside of the window, or manually select the file’s location. Then click ‘insert into post’ in the bottom right corner.


Step 3: Write the Caption .

Your selected image will appear with a check mark. Write the title and caption of your assigned image, then click ‘insert into post.’


Step 4: Align the image.

Hover over the image to select the alignment. You have an option between left, right and center alignment.


This what a left-aligned image looks like:

And this is what a centered image looks like:


Step 5: Another option is to insert an image directly from the Web using the ‘INSERT FROM URL’ feature 

Select ‘insert from URL,’ paste the link and proceed with the above steps.

step-8 Paste your link in the boxes provided:step-9

Step 6: Select Featured Image.

This is the background image that will display with your post (think cover photo). Select it using the same method. Note that once inserted into the post, you will not be able to see the image until you click ‘UPDATE’ on the upper right corner of your post.


Your featured image will have a check mark. Next, click ‘insert into post.’step-11And voila, you’re done! This is what your featured image will display as- right above the title of your post. step-12


And that’s it! It’s as simple as that!

Remember that with images, your primary goal is to aid the overall understanding of the topic, so make sure that each image serves a purpose. All images must speak to the reader in some way, so spend some time researching your best fit and deciding where in the text you want your images to be. Short posts generally work best with images embedded between the first two paragraphs. With longer post, should strive to add multiple images to keep your reader engaged all throughout.

Lastly, do not forget to properly caption your images. Every caption should be in the form of [PHOTO TITLE]. Photo Credits, [AUTHOR’S NAME], via [INSERT URL]. Similarly, always include a reference list at the end of each post, with proper image citations. Remember, not doing so is plagiarism and subject to third-party web content removal.

Happy writing!