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Imman Merdanovic. Photo Credit, Hayat TV.
Imman Merdanovic. Photo Credit, Hayat TV.

Date: January 26th, 2016                                                                                               By Imman Merdanovic


My name is Imman Merdanovic and I am a free spirited, creative soul from Bosnia-Herzegovina. I am a junior at St. Lawrence University, majoring in Government and Communications, with a strong interest in marketing and digital media.

I am a traveler at heart and a firm believer in wanderlust, which has taken me from the arid soils of Zimbabwe to the glamorous streets of Dubai. I began my solo travels at the age of 16, when I set my foot onto the rather minuscule streets of Maastricht, the Netherlands, to pursue my education at United World College.

I grew up in a family of musicians and am myself a very passionate singer. I remember a time when I appointed myself as a conductor of a rather blissful choir full of six-year-olds, who firmly believed in my ability to make each one of us the next Britney Spears.Throughout my life, I sang in numerous choirs, played in three orchestras, and competed in the X Factor. I would love to one day try out for Broadway, and to prepare for it I have started a Youtube channel which  playfully showcases musicianship.

I spent my last semester in New York City, interning in the marketing department of a company called Decision Mapper, living in Manhattan and chasing both my personal and professional dreams. As a marketing intern, I have presented our platform, the iDecisionGames, in an Executive Negotiation Class at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and guided professors across top eight business schools in the US through the platform via Skype. I have often been in charge of interviewing the professors and publishing their testimonials in the form of a newsletter, thus enriching my experience with the news media.

In order to further improve my skills as a writer and a reporter, I have enrolled in a journalism class. From this class I expect to get the opportunity to write and report in an atmosphere closely resembling the conditions in a digital-era newsroom: covering actual events of local, state, national and international importance as they unfold in real time. I feel beyond grateful for the opportunity to study and further expand my horizons in the United States, and am beyond excited to make the most out of my last year at St. Lawrence University.

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