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Walling off Misconceptions

“I came to Israel and found Palestine” was a beautiful remark made by one of my classmates, Tanner, prior to departure from Israel. It is this remark I feel encapsulates many of our takeaways from our twelve-day journey to this … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Again, Let’s Go Again!

I originally signed up for this course because of my interest in world conflicts and security; as well as to gain insight on one of the longest conflicts in recent history.  Also, as a government major, this was a great … Continue reading

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A Day in Hebron

Wednesday, the 24th of May, was a very important day of our class expedition in the holy land. At 7a.m. we were rolling out of Jaffa and heading for Hebron, a Palestinian city in the West Bank. On the way … Continue reading

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It’s not a “Separation Barrier” … and the Bedouins. Let’s not forget about breakfast

Today was my favorite day of the trip so far.  Being very interested in law, I was really looking forward to going to the Israeli Supreme Court, and I found their court system and the way it works to be … Continue reading

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Walking on the “Tels” of Tel Aviv

I hadn’t given much though to the origins of the name “Tel Aviv”, only the fact that in Arabic Tel Aviv is pronounced “Tel Abeeb” due to the lack of a V letter in the Arabic alphabet, which made me … Continue reading

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Israeli Independence – May 17th 2017

On our class trip today we traveled into the Israeli city Tel Aviv to learn more about the Israeli nationalist narrative Jews are taught about Israel’s founding.  Today Tel Aviv is a bustling metropolitan city and a financial hub in … Continue reading

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