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Blog Entry #7 How Do We Secure Personal Data?

According to Information Week,┬áVietnamese criminals posing as a U.S.-based private investigator successfully tricked Experian into selling them social security and driver’s license numbers, bank account and credit card data and birth dates. Experian is one of the three main global … Continue reading

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Blog Entry #6 The Obama Administration and the Press

The Committee to Protect Journalists released a study on Obama’s refusal to give journalists access to White House information. When Barrack Obama first ran for office, one of his several campaign promises was, “no more secrecy”. He made a promise … Continue reading

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Blog Entry #5 Paid Partisan

A study done by the National Bureau of Economic Research asked basic factual questions about politics. The kicker of this experiment was half of the people surveyed were given a tangible reward for the right answers. Gregory Huber said that … Continue reading

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