A Visual History

A Visual History of the St. Lawrence Kenya Connection

 “Our influence and understanding of the continent, gleaned from a semester of immersion and challenge, is profound

Kenya Program Alumnus Spring ‘78

Learn More about the Alumni Connection through the “Habari Gani” Column of the St. Lawrence Magazine. Check out some of the past entries in the “Habari Gani Archive.”

“Whether it was studying the delicate relationship between Hadza society and their environment in northern Tanzania or braving the smoke of a Taita kitchen to learn how to craft the perfect chapati, my experiences pushed my boundaries and provided me with new skills I only realized I had acquired many years later.”

KSP alumnus, 1998

2 thoughts on “A Visual History

  1. Thank you for posting all the photos. I am struck by how similar much of it looks in 20010-14 even though I was there in 1986. Karen study center, Samburu, Western Region, etc..

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