The St. Lawrence Admissions Office mailed out the last enrollment decisions on Friday, March 16, marking the conclusion of the first year of its new admissions policy. The Policy was enacted to reduce the University’s deficit. The long-term implications of the new policy, which will ultimately admit more students, particularly more full-tuition students, are controversial. […]

With the recent increase in gasoline prices, the Keystone XL Pipeline has become a prominent political issue, which has accentuated the differences in conservative and liberal perspectives on how the pipeline will affect gasoline prices, the job market, and the environment. According to conservatives, the 1,700-mile pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to Texas refineries, would create […]

Public speeches and meetings are vital aspects of journalism, as “many news stories report what important or interesting people say in speeches or the actions people take at public meetings” (Bender et al. 323). Journalists, however, only report on the most newsworthy speeches and meetings. In fact, many news organizations publish two stories on important […]