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knowledge continuum

Posted by Sondra Smith on September 17, 2010

In discussing Bush’s essay, “As We May Think” yesterday, we danced around the distinctions between information, knowledge and wisdom, and even tip-toed into the topic of what will make a learned person in this century.

I couldn’t help but think about Richard Feynman’s insights to the knowledge continuum, for lack of a better term.  Here Feynman articulates a perspective on “Why?” questions using magnets as a prop.

Just a bit more food for thought …

[Thanks to Grant Currie for the tip to this series of BBC video, c. 1980. BBC has archived some of these epsiodes also and in better quality.]

4 Responses to “knowledge continuum”

  1.   Gardner Says:

    That’s completely magnificent, and so is Feynman. I’d not seen this clip before. Thank you for blogging it!

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  3.   Sondra Smith Says:
  4.   Sondra Smith Says:

    Thanks. Interesting in that I received a snarky comment from some random sniper on this entry, based on the premise that I should have “concluded” something. Given the richness of Feynman and Bush? Audacious arrogance! And, I expect, merely adding to the noise…